Birds from my backyard triptych

bird watching, Birds, Nature, photography

I would like to think that I’m a naturalist. But mostly an urban naturalist.

I love observing Nature reclaiming urban areas.

I love watching wildlife taking over abandoned buildings, dandelions pushing their way through cracks in the pavements. This quiet rebellion fills me up with joy and hope.

Above is a portrait of a jackdaw I took earlier on today in my backyard.

And here is another one, of one of the local house-sparrows…

House Sparrow

Today’s bird watching report wouldn’t be complete without the mention of one of my beloved neighbours: a pigeon. Pigeons have taken over an abandoned house located a few doors down. If you peek through the letter box you will see that this is their very fancy bird house… and this fella is perched on top…

King Pigeon_Fotor

I hope you get a chance to spend some time watching the local wildlife in your area, wether you live in an urban area or in the country side.

A park, a disused building, a small backyard or a balcony are all very good spots for bird watching…

Have a good night,



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