Our Time Here…

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I’m not sure if I will be able to put all this into words… I chose the images above as a way to convey hope, a love for nature and the small things in life.

Our Time Here:

Even though nature is in a crisis, and huge transformations and changes need to happen,

Even if the governments seem to make a point of getting it all wrong,

Despite the fact that money and the interests of a few people seem to prevail,

Over the fate of the planet and the rest of her inhabitants…

I have hope.

We’ll need prayers and whispers.

Stories and songs.

Dances for rain, sunshine and to dissipate the smoke.

Gatherings to alleviate the pain. Anthems to feed the flame,

of a revolution, change in motion.

Badgers are heart broken. Foxes have lost their homes.

The birds don’t want to sing anymore.

Hopefully the children will gather again and make a solemn vow:

To respect, nurture and connect with nature.

We need more nature refuge, not nature reserves,

For wild animals are no refugees.

Even though there seems to be a war going on,

it’s only inside us.

I hope we will listen, and not judge too hastily.

For we fellow humans are also struggling.

There is no time to listen and care, as we are all too busy

Trying to catch up with time, money, other commitments,

Dentist appointments, to-do lists and our Facebook feeds.

This world is a mess. So are we.

Let’s not be too harsh on ourselves. For we need nurturing too.

Attention is what we all need and seek so desperately.

So what can we do?

Open our hearts and listen.

Listen to the messages that nature is screaming at us.

It falls on deaf ears, but it is still being said.

Again and again. Until we get it.

When all the white noise stops.

Then there is silence.

let’s not fill it, but feel it…




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