Childhood in the woods

Here are a few postcards for you: from me, from here, from now…

Thom+Nettle March 2019

Childhood in the woods… Looking for sticks and dragons… 


or even better : a big stick turned into a dragon… in the woods!


My favourite dragon in the woods by far


I love the different shades of lichen… 


Another beautiful sunset, my favourite time of the day for photography…

Nettle In The Woods

In her natural habitat… She would live in the woods if she could




I hope your winter is filled with gorgeous sunsets and soft eerie lights…



Author: FocalHeart

My name is Noémie, I run animal communication workshops to help people enhance their relationship with animals and the natural world. My work is about the profoundly important messages we can receive when we focus with our hearts. Through cultivating the heart as an organ of perception, we can develop our ability to listen to and communicate with one another as well as our natural environment – plants and animals included.

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