Oya The Little Girl Who Turned Out To Be An African Goddess

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I knitted a new doll last week and I went on an explorative journey.

I could write about every step of the process, but I feel like that would probably be boring. I found it very therapeutic, in a self-reflective way.

Maybe you will find it more interesting if I write a bit more about her, without going into too many details as I know that you probably have a shortened attention span, like most people these days…


When my boy was little, he had a short phase of wearing hair clips and glittery shoes and wanting to be called Oya-The-Little-Girl. So for a few days that’s what he was called. Oya The Little Girl. I remember walking through the Sussex town of Lewes with him in his push chair, wearing his glittery shoes borrowed from a neighbour and his hair clips and everyone thought he was a little girl.

After a few days he said he wanted to be called Thom again and declared he was no longer Oya. And he has been called Thom ever since.


I embarked on this new journey inwards. As I knitted her body, the body turned into a head. And the more I was knitting the more I was reflecting on life and thinking about her.

She magically appeared. Without too much hesitation.

As I was weaving my thoughts I thought about looking into African Goddesses. The first one to appear in front of my eyes was… Oya.

Oya is the Dark Mother Goddess of Storms and Destruction of the Yoruba People in West Africa as well as the Americas.


This doll is not Oya the Goddess, but my humble tribute to her. There is also a lot of me and my story in many of the details…


The colours of the Goddess are Burgundy red and purple. She is a warrior – Queen and the most powerful of the African Goddesses.

But this Oya is also the Great protector of the wilderness. She is the Guardian of all trees.


The reason she only has one eye… is because she has left the other one on a birch tree, to keep watch on the forest…

birch eye

So next time you are in the woods, look out for the eye of Oya, looking back at you from a nearby birch tree.

I hope that 2019 will take you across forests and woodlands, and that it will bring a lot of golden sunsets on your journey…

birch sunset



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