Autumn Tales

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Autumn is slowly drawing to a close, with the winter solstice around the corner.

Our walks are getting more wet and muddy. The sky displays gorgeous and ever changing artwork reflecting the light of the sun, hiding somewhere behind the clouds…

The trees are now bare, revealing their skeletons…

The sheep are the line between earth and sky…

Life is fragile.

I recently finished my winter coat: a cardigan adorned with a parliament of owls… Just in time for the cold weather. Below is my current wardrobe essentials: my new owligan coat and my sky scarf, that I knitted over 5 months while watching the sky everyday last year. It’s full of beautiful sunsets, sunrises, rainy days, sunny days, shooting stars, rainbows, blue skies and many precious memories…

It’s my second owligan. I knitted the first one a year ago, for my friend Dorothy.

I have knitted my own, using a very rustic yarn grown in the Lake District by a flock of hardy Herdwick sheep, who live in the hills.img_0244.jpg
The Owls are knot what they seam…

The yarn smells of sheep and has bits of dry grass spun in it :) I got it straight from the mill. It has such a high lanolin content that when it rains heavily, the rain doesn’t go through. It just stays on the surface. Im scared of blocking it, because I don’t want to wash the lanolin off :)

The days are short. our dog walks are now at dusk…

I hope your Autumn has been filled with outdoors adventures, cozy times at home, woolly knits and hot chocolates!

While I’m knitting, I’m currently quietly plotting a podcast, to talk about nature, animals, knitting, stories… I know that I am no good recording videos on my own. I need people to talk to. It would be nice to have guests to chat with…

Winter is a great time for such projects. Feel free to share your ideas of what you would like me to talk about in the comments…

Have a lovely, cozy evening!




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