What if people think I’m crazy?

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Noemie Girlies_Fotor

Dear friends,

I hope you are well and that you are enjoying Autumn wherever you are.

I’m now getting ready for my next 6 day workshop which will start in exactly a week from now.

My last workshop at Emerson College was in early June. It was the end of Spring, the days were longer and the promises of a hot summer were in the air. The temperature was going up, the natural world was in bloom and all the insects were very busy.

Now it’s Samhain – A time to celebrate the spirits, past and present – Halloween is in only a few days and Autumn is definitely here. The trees have shed their leaves, the insects activity has slowed right down, getting ready for winter. It’s the opposite time of the year.

I love receiving emails from previous workshop attendees. I love reading your stories and how animal communication may have enhanced your connection with the natural world and the animals in your life.

I know it can be overwhelming at times, because when we start to listen and pay attention, we may feel overwhelmed and experience an abundance of feelings and emotions which can range from ecstatic joy, to sadness or guilt. When we open up our hearts and start to explore this vast landscape, a lot of our own unresolved issues may bubble up to the surface. It can be like opening a tin of worms. We may feel overwhelmed with grief and sadness. our own minds will play tricks on us. Hurling insults at us. Screaming at us that we are mad. Completely mad.

Dizzy as a goose. Mad as a marsh hare. Moonstruck.

But animals never want us to feel guilty. They never blame us. They don’t think we are failing them or that we are incompetent. They love us just as we are. Sometimes bad things happen and they don’t turn around and blame us for our faults.

We do all that to ourselves. All the shaming and blaming. We beat ourselves up. Tell ourselves in painful detail how we could have done better, how we shouldn’t have forgotten this or that, or be more available, listen more, spend more time with… be more this way or less that way… the list is endless. We are the ones who find faults and blame ourselves. We compare ourselves with others who seem to have their acts together, or have it better than us… But that’s not even real. It’s just a story that the mind tells us. We choose wether to believe it or not.

I often suggest to people to meditate, go out in nature and/or engage in a creative activity. Just to take some time to clear our heads.

One of the big blocks people have goes like this:

“What if people think Im crazy?”

My answer is: Good! That would be an amazing response!

The world doesn’t need more sensible people, shrinking, making themselves small trying to fit in, to be like every body else. I think the world needs more people walking off the beaten track. More people walking out of their front doors, getting out there, using their heart as an organ of perception to connect with nature, with the plant and animal kingdom. In my opinion, the world could do with more animal communicators, wether they want to call themselves that is entirely up to them – but they are needed.

But it’s not your or my job to fix things. Our job is to listen. You – or I – are not the centre of everything. Our ego may have us believe that it’s up to you or me to change the world, to end animal suffering, save the planet, stop global warming, end the slave trade…

But that’s a lot of pressure to put on oneself. I think that the first thing we need to do is :


Yes that’s right, do nothing. Stop the race. Sit down. Just stop.

Then breathe. Smile. Repeat. And listen.

It may sound overly simplistic, but try it.

And if people think you are mad? Thank them.

flying Geese

Wild Geese Poem

Wild Geese – Mary Oliver.

I have spent the last couple of weeks getting rid of things, decluttering and making space in my life before winter sets in. I personally believe that decluttering your mind regularly goes with decluttering your living space, to let go of belongings, beliefs and thought patterns that are no longer needed and making space to invite new ideas into one’s life. Or to invite nothing and learn to appreciate the emptiness of the space. To me the idea of space, and making more of it is a good metaphor to illustrate the practice of meditation. Once we let go of all the clutter we are hanging on to so tightly, for example the past, the future, or expectations, or fear of the unknown… we are releasing a lot of unwanted tension and stress from our lives.

So I am taking this opportunity to stand in a more Zen space and await what bubbles up from within. 

For the last few years I have been attentive to the geese that pass over our house. Whenever I hear their honking, I rush to my back door and step outside. I love to hear the sound of their call, the sounds of their wings flapping, and I pay attention to which direction they are headed. Slowing down, and taking the time to be in nature, and to notice the changes as the seasons go by. To watch or listen to the wildlife and enjoy simple things, like watching the birds outside, or a dog playing, just being in nature, in the forest is one the most de-stressing things I can do. It reminds me to be a human being and not a human doing.

From my personal experience, I believe that we need to declutter our head and the space we inhabit and have control over, before we take on bigger projects such as changing the world or anything on a bigger scale.

I know every one of you is very busy, and Im every grateful that you are taking the time to read this :)

AC Workshop November

Animal Communication & Storytelling workshop –> Sunday 04th until Friday 09th of November 2018. Emerson College.

There are a couple of spaces left. This course is suitable for beginners as well as returning or more advanced students. It’s a safe supportive environment to practice, receive guidance and feedback.




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