Promenade dans un jardin anglais

Wakehurst is one of my favourite place around here… I always enjoy spending time  there, it’s such an inspiring location…


Especially at this time of the year. Here are some photographs of our day there…

Inky Cap

Ink Cap.

This polypore looks like it’s made out of glass…

Berries.jpgThe different shades and colour combinations are such a joy to behold…


This flower would make a beautiful hat…

Copper Canopy

Purple and Gold


Forget about the bat cave. This is the bat tree… Bats live in it and this is their front door…


Such gorgeous colours…









I hope you are enjoying Autumn too, wherever you are… It’s such a great time to get out there and connect with nature…




Author: FocalHeart

My name is Noémie, I run animal communication workshops to help people enhance their relationship with animals and the natural world. My work is about the profoundly important messages we can receive when we focus with our hearts. Through cultivating the heart as an organ of perception, we can develop our ability to listen to and communicate with one another as well as our natural environment – plants and animals included.

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