Entre Chien et Loup

Animal Communication, Animals, Nature, photography

Dear friends,

First of all thank you. If you have ever attended any of my workshops, you may know how I like to stress out the importance of gratefulness. Gratitude is like magic. It is a beacon of light that can shine when we find ourselves in the dark. It’s a key. It opens doors. Especially the door of our hearts. When one is generating a feeling of gratitude, one’s heart grows a few sizes bigger. And we can access that vast landscape. This openness takes us to oneness with Nature.

I have been busy. I am sure you have too. Who isn’t busy these days?


I have been running workshops in a few places. We may have met at ‘Into the Wild’ Festival during my Animal Communication or my ‘Meet Your Totem Animal’ workshops? The latest was so well attended. We had a full tipi. I’m sorry for those who didn’t manage to get in. You are welcome to come to my next week long workshop at Emerson College in early November – I have a couple of spaces left. This course is about Animals. How to use the heart as an organ of perception, how to connect with animals and with the natural world around us. It’s about Nature. The Nature inside you. We will go on a journey to meet your totem animal(s). And Ashley Ramsden (co-founder of the International School of Storytelling) will be running the Storytelling side of the course. Ashley unlocks closed doors, by just saying these magic words… “Once upon a time.”

Your imagination is a magic carpet that can take you anywhere. You can do anything you like…


This week, I was invited to run a workshop on Dr Philip Kilner’s Relational Arts and Organic Design course, at Emerson College, as this week the students have been exploring the Animal Kingdom, to gain a better understanding of the natural world.

It was a pleasure to design a short intro to Animal Communication around Philip’s course. It’s such an interesting time of the year. The spiders are busy weaving gigantic webs. Whenever the sun is out, flies try to make the most of it, sunbathing on leaves… Bees are still out working… We focused on connecting with the local wildlife in Emerson’s garden. We found out that the messages from the insects were mostly that they were busy. Busy wrapping everything up before winter kicks in. They didn’t have any other messages for us apart from telling us what they were up to. The bees asked us to protect the plants and to look after the flora. It was a great reminder that it’s not all about us humans. Animals have their own purpose, their own reasons to exist and they don’t always carry messages for us.

Philip Kilner’s course is running in modules until the beginning of December.


I wonder if you can hear the wind when you look at these pictures? because it was definitely windy when I took them earlier on, during my favourite time.


In French we call the time of dusk entre chien et loup, which literally translates as “between dog and wolf”, because it refers to that time of day when you couldn’t quite tell a dog and a wolf apart because it’s getting dark, but not quite completely dark yet…


It’s that time of the year. When the wind howls…


I’m inviting to come and howl with me for Samhain. I would love to meet you, it would be great if you could make it!








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