Nurturing your soul with Yoga

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Hello Friends!

I hope you are well and that this summer is bringing you Joy, Peace, and Health.

In this cyber age we are living in, we are liking, commenting and expressing our range of feelings via emoji. We are staring at our phones everywhere we go. Nowadays it’s as if time is speeding up. So many of us set ourselves the target of achieving an entire weeks worth of goals in a single day, often in an attempt to renew our sense of self-worth and boost our self-esteem, yet we often end up feeling like a failure for not having managed even a fraction of it.

In our culture today, doing nothing is seen as being lazy. Taking ‘me time’ or just time to relax is seen as being unproductive. It’s easy to become caught up in the ‘output’ of social media, prioritising how other people think we live rather than the way we are actually conducting ourselves… It’s an illusion really – a preoccupation that distracts us from actually being present.


This is precisely why Kids Yoga and Restorative Yoga are so important.

Kids Yoga is 60 mins of playful yoga. Kids Yoga enables kids to engage in a peaceful and supportive practice.

Children are under so much pressure these days, it’s not rare to see stress, anxiety and a wide array of mental health issues in children of primary school age. Yoga can help to reset these imbalances and nurture playfulness and joy, away from screens & distractions

Restorative Yoga is your ‘Me Time’. Your Time Out. 1h15 of just being. Breathing. Gentle nurturing. Stretching where it feels good. Opening up. Relaxing.

Restorative Yoga can provide us with the time we need to disconnect from the stress and unrelenting chaos of daily life. It can initiate a cycle of healing on every level. It can help to repair & refill the tank which always seems to be running on empty… It can help us connect with nature – our inner nature.

I run these 2 classes on Tuesday pm/evenings. Because that’s your direct route to a more positive week :D

Come and see for yourself, this Tuesday – Yoga Akasha 45 London Road. Central East Grinstead :)

PS: I just finished the mesh tunic Im wearing on the photo at the top a couple of days ago. I will endeavour to tell you all about it soon :)

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