The Wheel of Time…

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I think a lot of people obsess with the weather when they are conversing. I have noticed that writers seem to be obsessed with time.

Here we are, at the end of May.

Boy turned 10 earlier on this month. I still dont understand where that time went…


Thom + barn owl I really don’t understand where that time went…

Boy’s tiny cactus plant has started producing beautiful flowers this week. We had been wondering wether or not this little plant would ever blossom, on his bedroom window sill.


It now looks like a crown of flowers is on its way…

cactus flowers 2

A month went by. A month where we have been busy making new friends, with wild animals – prey and predators alike…

Red Squirrel

Rare ones…

harvest mouse

And more common ones…


And the even wilder, rarer, bigger ones…


Meet… Helga!

Noemie+eagleowlIt takes courage to gaze into these orange pools of fire. Their depth is infinite and reminds you of the ancient wisdom of the wild. Through her, we tap into something we have forgotten or perhaps lost. An ongoing thread, that started way before us and will carry on well after us. Her eyes are deep. 

Noemie+eagleowl2Very deep.



Burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) are so named because they live underground in burrows that have been dug out by small mammals like ground squirrels. Although this little fella has decided to turn white, to blend nicely with the wall behind him…


Noemie& Buzzard2

noemie + buzzard4



This buzzard is with me, while tuning in and out of all the sounds he can hear in the distance, from the heart beat of a dormouse in a nearby field, to the other buzzard circling above us.



We ran into a badger on Sunday during a long 5h dog walk. I was very pleased to see a badger alive and well in full day light. The grass was so long, she nearly ran into Tara, our older dog. Tara didn’t even notice. The badger just quickly ran in the opposite direction. I have always wanted to see a badger in the wild! Sadly, we mainly get to see them dead on the side of the roads these days.

Meanwhile, Henry, our eccentric feline, has moved on to his summer schedule. He is determined to make the most of the outdoors in Spring and Summer and we see a lot less of him. He reminds me of a Scottish Wild Cat…


On the knitting front I finished a second yellow jumper, which is more like a tunic this time, as it is for me. I finished it this week, but I’m tempted to unravel the neck as it’s a bit too big – think wide neck bordering off shoulder jumper… I think it would look better if I re-knit the neckline into a boat neck. I will get around to it, at some point. But for now I am busy finalising the Animal Communication / Storytelling workshop I’m co running next week in Emerson College, in Forest Row (UK).

If you want to (re)learn the ancient wisdom of animals, come along, there are 2 spaces left! :)

For more infos, click on the picture below :)

Ac workshop leaflet



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