Robots Live!

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Today we went to the 12th edition of Robots Live! in Burgess Hill.

Boy has been such a fan of the TV show Robot Wars, building his own cardboard versions of the heavy weight robots he has spent so long watching as they annihilate one another…

Last year we went to two live events, and Paul filmed and edited a few clips that he uploaded on Boy’s youtube channel.

We were very pleased to see David from team Apollo again…Thom+Dave+Apollo

In case you haven’t been following the latest seasons of the show (or the latest Wars as they are called) Apollo won the title of Robot Wars champion in the season before last….

We were so pleased when Dave told us that he really liked the video of Apollo we did last year and that he has been using it a lot!

It was nice  to see Team Eruption again, the current Reigning Champions…


Below with Boy’s cardboard version of Eruption, resting on top of the original…



Michael, team Eruption’s captain and one very talented roboteer!

He was a fan of Robot Wars when he was a kid and his dream was to win Robot Wars… which is exactly what he did last year.

The team is Michael and his dad, Adrian.



Here is Iron-Awe 5. Team Iron-Awe have been fixing and fighting robots for 12 years…



Here is how the animal kingdom was represented today in Robots Live! 2018:

A two headed flamingo, a crab, and a fox.

Boy was proudly sporting his Foxic t-shirt, from team Danby. We are very fond of Craig and his robot Foxic.

We were very excited when we met Foxic in June last year during another live event…

thom + foxic


Picture above from

Foxic and Craig have moved to the US earlier on this year, so for the foreseeable future, they are more likely to be seen on BatttleBots events than in Robots Live! in Burgess Hill. But we missed them today.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 00.29.13

Boy is proud to be Foxic official number 1 fan, hence the t-shirt, which was gifted to him by Craig himself, along with a stunning poster of Foxic’s design. Foxic is such a beautiful robot and Craig is such a kind man. And He is hilarious.

If you want to keep up with his adventures across the pond, follow him on instagram to see what Craig and Foxic are up to.

The animal kingdom was still proudly represented today, with Team Pink

TeamPink…and their robot:

The Two-Headed Flamingo of DeathDouble headed flamingo1

Look at these heads…

Dble Headed Flamingo2

And here are a few videos of the fights we saw today…

And here is reigning champion Eruption vs F7 (Team Tilly Robotics):

See you next year Robots Live! :)



3 thoughts on “Robots Live!

  1. Oh wow, I used to watch “Robot Wars” back in the day! It’s great to see it’s still going… And those animal-themed robots really made me smile! Hope you had a great day out! 😀

    1. Yes it was back on bbc2 for 3 seasons but they are not carrying on this year. Apparently another channel might take it on next year. To be honest i discovered it summer before last, when Thom discovered it and became obsessed with it, building all the robots out of cardboard and tape et… We went to a couple of live events last year and i organised a workshop with a roboteer for home educated kids. But im always very late to the party 😂

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