When stories come and find you…

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Hello friends,

I always like to end my yoga classes with a story or a poem. Often the poem or story comes to me in one way or another and it wants to be shared. It finds its way in front of my eyes, perhaps because I need to read it myself, or perhaps someone else will gain from hearing it, after the relaxation at the end of the class. I have folders and books full of poems and stories that I have been collecting over the years. Stories that are just waiting for the right time to be shared at the end of a class…

I have experienced very profound moments while listening to stories. Storytellers hold the keys to deep transformation. They weave the threads of stories, redecorating the fabric of our hearts.

There is that moment of heart openness at the end of a yoga class, just after relaxation, when stories can be planted like seeds. And they can make your heart sing and blossom.

Here is what I read at the end of a class a couple of weeks ago. It fitted nicely with the theme of the class, which was loving-kindness, towards ourselves and towards each other…

And here is a beautiful poem that I have discovered today:

Storytelling is an art form. And stories come to you for a reason. Because they have a message for you. You just need to be still and listen. And the wind will whisper something in your ear. Maybe in a dream while you are asleep? Or at the end of a yoga class, or in a library, or online… A story, the story you need to hear right now will make its way to you.

Then you can choose to listen, you can pass it on or keep it to yourself. Personally I think that being able to share our stories is important, and we dont need to keep our secrets so close to our hearts…

Im very excited to be co-hosting a workshop with reknowned storyteller Ashley Ramsden at the end of May, at Emerson college in Forest Row, East Sussex. Our two workshops will be run side by side: for four days, I’ll be running an animal communication workshop in the morning, while Ashley will lead a storytelling workshop. The two workshops will be connected and intertwinned with each other. In the mornings we will practice heart to heart communication, and in the afternoon Ashley will show us how to tell a story that comes straight from the heart…

More info on workshop here… 

You can read my story as an animal communicator here.

What about you? What is your favourite poem? What story has moved you recently?



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