On adventures…

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Sometimes all it takes is walking through your front door with no plans and you end up on an adventure…

As I took Boy out in town earlier on this afternoon, I thought we were going to watch a scout parade and a puppet dragon. We quickly realised that I got the date wrong as we landed in the middle of Bus Day, amongst a fleet of vintage buses taking people to random places far and wide for free all afternoon. So we got on random old buses, without having any clue where they were taking us… sometimes the driver would even change route mid way!

High St.

It was nice to find the High street buzzing and busy…


Explosions of colour! Hoorah for Spring!

Bus+Driver with logo


A man and a big van…


Bus Day is on every Spring in our town. As we were buying ice creams from him, John from the bookshop told us that this was much better than the scout parade of St George’s Day, which is what we originally thought we were going to see!



Look at the upholstery inside that bus!


These are the back seats! I took lots of photos of it, as I am planning on knitting it!


I do find all these lines very pleasing to look at…

Thom in Green Bus


I just love THAT green!

That Green

Thom+green bus2


Red, glorious red!



Paul used to get on that bus all the time when he first moved to London…


An ‘I scream’ van making its way through the buses on the High St.


There has to be some knitting involved in a day for it to feel just right…

What I want to share with you today is this:

Sometimes you need to just go out of your front door without any plans, I bet you an adventure is waiting for you!

What have you been up to today?




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