Thawing, slowly…

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I hope this post will find you well and enjoying a relaxing Sunday, wherever you are.

We ditched the car three weeks ago, before Easter weekend and so far we’ve been managing absolutely fine without it.

Our old car failed its MOT so I sold it to a mechanic who is going to race it for banger car racing. He told me he was going to paint it white with pink dots :D hopefully we’ll get to see it racing!

We have been biking or walking everywhere for the last three weeks, which is energising and has been a great opportunity for us to explore new trails in and around our town to walk the dogs on.

I’m still using the bike I told you about a while back, the one we found in a stream in our local park back in February…

thom rescuing bike mission_yes

I got it serviced and although the handle bars came off last Tuesday – which was because I set them on the edge of their maximum height – it is serving me very, very well!

According to my rough calculation, we would save over £1000 a year if we stay car free!

We decided to give it a go for Spring & summer and to reassess wether we need a car or not in the Autumn. To be honest the car was mostly used for taking the dogs out on the forest, which we can still do on bikes.

The furthest we currently go with home schooling related trips is the village down the road, 2 and half miles from us for Boy’s piano lessons, and there is a really good cycle path that takes us there, on a very stress free, scenic route…

So we’ll see how we get on, I’d like to think that the worst of the weather is behind us now hopefully, which should make the whole car free experience more enjoyable :)

Thom + Trees

Not that long ago we were having endless snow blizzards…

Thom Blizzard

Thom+Pawt snow

and it was sledging time in East Court…

Tara Snow

Pawt Snow

Thom snow

Now we are slowly thawing…


the pawt on her throne

Thom playing the guitare

Apparently Spring should arrive here soon. I have heard from various sources that the sun has been found, it had apparently lost its way, but it should be returned to the Northern Hemisphere soon…

So we can have more moments like this during my yoga classes…

Thom Restorative Yoga

A couple of weeks ago Boy was dancing his socks off with his friends, behind Michael Jackson impersonator David Boakes. He got to become a Macaulay Caulkin impersonator himself for a few minutes as he jumped on stage dressed up like him, wearing his cap backward, lip synching the rap section on Black or White. He was so happy! I didn’t film it, as I was too busy cheering :D

… And a few days before that he was on a bigger stage, for the showcase of his drama academy, and they all did so beautifully… here is a video of their finale:

You may spot him on here:

Thom Finale

… He is in a red t-shirt, sat on the floor right next to the right arm of the girl who is stood up singing…

He decided to get his long hair cut. In this house, Friday the 13th of April 2018 will be remembered as the day Captain Jack Sparrow turned into Kevin/Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone…

Before… Jack Sparrow style:

Thom Before

An hour later…

Thom AfterKevin/Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone style.

I hope you can let your hair down for the weekend and I wish a sunny and hassle free week ahead!




One thought on “Thawing, slowly…

  1. en faites ce n’ai 1000£ d’économie que tu vas faire ! si tu penses aux futures réparations qui doivent se faire sur une voiture veillissante, et les contraventions auquelles tu vas échapper !!! et l’assurance … moi je tape dans les 3000 boules :)

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