Another walk on the Worth Way…

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Back in June 2016, I shared with you one of our regular dog walks in our neck of the woods… which you can see here.

Back then I chose to document our dog walk on the Worth Way in Black & White.

Here is today’s walk, same place, same cast, different season, in colour, a year and half later…










Boy rescuing a trolley from a ditch, returning it to the store it belongs to on our way back…


Boy and I often clean woods and streams, removing litters, old bikes, shopping trolleys… returning them to shops or taking old rusty wrecks to the skip.


A week and half ago, Boy rescued that bike from a hedge in a stream in some abandoned part of our local park… He proudly gave it to me, as I murmured in amazement that it was my dream bike…

thom rescuing bike mission_yes

The bike needed grease on the chain, new brakes and a new cable for the gears…

And Tada! Tonight, it’s ready at last!

Let me introduce my new steed to you!


Of course it needed a bell…


El Gato Loco

Dinner is ready!



4 thoughts on “Another walk on the Worth Way…

  1. You finding treasure is a karmic reward for all of your efforts to clean up the environment. We take bags with us when we go to beaches or lakes as we know we will find lots of rubbish on the shore and that way we can collect some and do our bit to dispose of it appropriately.

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