Welcome 2018

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

As you are about to put the Christmas tree away and remove all traces of any festive season activities, before you recycle all these Christmas cards, WAIT! and read on…


Women in Prison are collecting the front halves (picture halves) of Christmas cards so that women in prison can use them to make cards for their families next year:

Here we only have a handful of them so nothing to write home about (ahem), but I shall collect old Christmas cards at my yoga classes on Friday, and I don’t mind halving them and sending them for you :)

I am starting 2 new classes this coming week, Family Yoga for families to come and enjoy  some quality time doing yoga together – from 5pm until 6pm – and Recovery Yoga – 6:15-7h45pm. Both classes are on Fridays at the studio Yoga Akasha in my town.

I have been knitting a lot and still need to finish a few commissions. I took a break from knitting for others between Christmas and now to just finish a few things for myself – Things I had started and paused at various stages of completion – and to just take time to experiment a bit…


I got a bit carried away with these pocketses, I’m obsessed with clouds you see…

And so I completed my Sky Scarf, on New Year’s Eve:


☁️ It tells tales of the sky above our heads, of hours spent admiring the ever changing masterpiece unfolding overhead every day, of many adventures, of quiet reflective, solitary sunrises, of beautiful sunsets, magical rainbows, shooting stars, days out in the woods, by the sea or in London… all throughout summer, autumn and winter 2017.

A lot of precious memories from this year are hidden in this long piece of fabric 🐚🕸🌺


It contains gems such as this beautiful winter sunset:



skyscarf edge

The BC (understand here Before Christmas…) period was a good mix of knitting for friends and family and commissions.

I finished this cardigan just in time for Christmas:


This cardi is called Wowligan, and I knitted it for my wee friend, D.

People usually use buttons for the owl’s eyes, but I decided to use purple beads instead…












I hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year!

I hope that 2018 brings you all a lot of contented, quiet, mindful and reflective moments admiring the sky ☁️⛅️🌩🌦☀️🌈 knitting, 🌬breathing, laughing and 💖 sharing….☁️☁️

And to more owl watching and more dog cuddles, as it is the year of the dog after all!

MJ night

I can’t leave you without a photo of Boy and his friends during a MJ night just before the New Year… As our house has been living on the beats of Michael Jackson songs for the last few weeks while Boy practices his dance moves and does his dress rehearsals – I’m currently knitting him a white tie…





6 thoughts on “Welcome 2018

  1. Happy new year, Noémie! I love your owl cardigan (the lucky recipient looks totally delighted with it, too) and sky scarf… Now I can’t wait to see what comes off your needles in 2018! 😀

  2. That’s a lovely bit of knitting you’ve been doing! And I love the idea for the cards for the women in prison to get crafty with (unfortunately mine have already been taken away by the recycle man). I often make cut outs of some of the cards I like best and use them as ornaments on next year’s tree (even if the tree ends up only being a houseplant like this year).

    1. Im usually very bad and tend to keep them in shoe boxes… I just love postcards :) so this year, giving them away for a good cause is helping me releasing them back in the world :) I think it’s such a good idea! I have even been rummaging in my shoe boxes to send the ones from previous years :D

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