Autumn Equinox catch up

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Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are all well and that you all enjoyed Spring, Summer and the Autumn Equinox, wherever you are!

Here life is like the tide. In and out. Gentle rolling waves. Storms. Winds. Then deep, blue and calm again. My thoughts and ideas are like seagulls. Sometimes they blend in the scenery, with just a few passing comments. Sometimes they shout too loud or steal my chips.

I’d love to hear what everyone has been up to?

I hope you have been busy making things, dreaming, exploring, adventuring and resting in between.yarn

I have had a busy early summer, finishing my Yoga Teacher Training Diploma course early July (over 500h over 4 years).

Then I fell in the dyeing yarn rabbit hole, which is located at the back of the very familiar knitting rabbit hole.

I made pancakes once or twice. We built a lot of cardboard Robots too.

This summer I read a lovely novel called the Summer Before the War, by Helen Simonson, which takes place in Rye before and during the First World War. I have a real fondness for this town. This book is very well researched and beautifully written. This got me and Boy into great  discussions and reads on the World Wars. It took us to NewHaven Fort (in East Sussex), to see their First World War display – which is very moving. They have recreated the trenches, using real artefacts, and have readings of soldier diaries excertps. The anecdotes and emotions shared are more telling than any historical explanations I ever came across. We are going back there in a few days, as I’m organising a Home Ed day out there.

I still have too many knitting projects on the go, but they are all progressing slowly. They are at various stages of completion and of various sizes, which is how I decide which one I should bring with me, depending on my destination. If Im going to sit at the edge of a overheated swimming pool watching Boy swimming back and forth for 1h, then I might bring something big with me. If we are going on a Day trip to London on the train and I already have a backpack full of snacks, then I’ll bring something smaller or lighter. For instance Im finishing my Still Light Tunic and it would require its own seat on the train!

I have also been knitting the sky everyday this summer…


Knitting the sky above my head, onto a scarf. A knitted memory. Our summer on a scarf.

Some of you may already know how much I love watching clouds. So when I came across Lea Redmond’s idea of combining my love of clouds with my love of knitting… I was very excited!

I havent casted it off yet. Even though the Autumn Equinox has just passed. I can’t quite let go of it yet… Although the sky has now turned white. If it goes on for too long, that might be what makes me cast it off after all!

As I have had many requests to run knitting workshops, I have decided to run a Knit the Sky workshop, where children and grown ups alike are invited to learn to knit and nurture their sense of wonder and creativity while knitting the sky on a scarf…

It will take place in the lovely Tudor looking bookshop on the High street of our town.

I am very happy to share the joy and mindfulness of knitting and sky watching!


We had a pirate party at the week end… It’s interesting to see the evolution of our pirate party dressing code over the years. Some of you may remember that I have previously shared here our previous pirate parties… It all started when we met Captain Jack Sparrow nearly two years ago (our pirate parties are always roughly at the same time of the year somehow…)

Pirate BoysPirate Thom

Pirate 2015

Then we saw him again last year, during a pirate night in the same pub, they were screening Pirates of the Caribbeans 2 outside…


Pirate 2016

But on Saturday we went to a Pirate family rave in the woods…


Pirate 2017

Boy’s Pirate style has evolved over time, as he is growing up… and out of his standard pirate outfit. Now we just layer whatever we have in our wardrobes :D He wanted to carry a bottle of water as a bottle of rhum!

The rave was alright. We were a bit disappointed because it was more for the parents to enjoy than for the kids. Dj Slipmatt catered for the adults, playing a medley of 90’s rave hits, and I could see a lot of parents having a nostalgic afternoon, but it lacked of pirate hymns for the kids to get in. Throwing a couple of pirate songs would have got the kids a bit more excited I think. But hey! we had our pirate party again this Autumn and it was in the woods this time, so who am I to complain again?

I hope you are all enjoying the change of season, that brings a nip in the air, gorgeous carpets of yellow and orange shades…

Autumn Leaves

… a lot of beautiful mushrooms in the woods…

Birch Polypore

… a lot of knitting, especially silly hats ;)

… and cozy film watching and cups of hot cocoa in the evenings!





8 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox catch up

  1. It is great to hear from you again, Noemie! Your son has really taken a stretch in height and is also looking facially more mature. Time passes. I love the idea of your scarf recording the days. What a wonderful project. I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. Hey there Noémie! It looks like you’ve had a great summer… I love the idea of knitting the sky into a scarf, since I’m always walking around with my head in the clouds myself. I also had to chuckle at Nettle’s new hat! 😂 Gosh, was the first pirate party really 2 years ago? I remember you got some great pictures of Pirate Beastie meeting Captain Jack back then! As for me, I’m not quite sure where the summer vanished to, but I’m in full market-making mode now – I think it’s going to be another busy end-of-year 😲 Nice to see you back blogging again, and congratulations on getting your Yoga Teacher Training Diploma!

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