Light, still…

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The weather is getting warmer. The days are slowly but surely getting longer. The sun has been out for the last couple of days… All I have to say is : Hooray!

On the Knitting Front:

I have been knitting away at my Still Light Tunic recently… Good job I love burgundy! well this dye is actually called Ox Blood. Although no actual blood has been spilled in the process of dyeing this gorgeous locally grown yarn, it does sound very dramatic! I’m so looking forward to wearing this!

I have had trouble with the sleeves though. They are too loose. And my gauge isn’t out. Not sure why. I’m going to have to unravel them both. One is knitted on double pointed needles as you can see on the picture and the shorter one is knitted on circular needles. But that didn’t make any difference. I can’t go down a needle size as Im worried the knitting would be too stiff if I do so. So my other option is to add more decreases from the shoulders down. If you have experienced a similar problem with this pattern, please leave a comment as I can’t find any similar scenario anywhere. Everybody raves about the pattern being very clear and straightforward – which is true – I just don’t know why my sleeves aren’t has beautifully fitted as on the picture…

I have caught up with Christmas orders recently as I delivered these socks and soap at the end of January…

The socks are knitted by me and the soap was handmade by Boy…

The only instruction I was given by the mama who asked me to knit these socks for her daughter that I have never met, was that the recipient wasn’t a “pink kind of girl”.

I don’t know why, but I had Hermione Granger in mind when I came up with them… I was trying to imagine what kind of socks she was wearing in her first years at Hogwarts.

I have been experimenting with natural dyes on locally grown yarn over the past few months… The picture above doesn’t really do justice to the rich golden colours from my mushroom dyes, sadly… I will write about this experiment in a different post. I need to come up with something interesting to knit with that yarn first… Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below :)

I had my eyes on this Mermaid Cowl for a while. I ordered the yarn online and I knitted it in one night, while I had the plague in December. I was getting a bit tired to knit for other people and decided to turn insomnia into an ally and knit through the night. My poor throat was begging for a warm, cozy,  very, very chunky cowl. The pattern is free, it’s a gift from Louise Walker, over at Sincerely Louise using her recently launched new yarn, Mythically Chunky from Cygnet Yarns. Thank you Louise!

I couldn’t wrap up this post without sharing with you Boy’s latests:

This week He completed his Jedi Academy Training… He was extremely proud when He received his certificate!

May the force stay with him always!

But it looks like the Force has left me…

Yesterday Boy made a painting of us. He is the character waving on the left. I’m the one on the right…

Have a lovely weekend!



13 thoughts on “Light, still…

  1. Il ne t’as pas raté le “Boy” : les dents :D les cheveux, la peau verte … le nez et les yeux de travers , il y a même un os qui traine ; tu dois réellement lui faire peur ! pauvre enfant …

  2. Oh wow, you have been busy since I last checked in! I hope you sorted out your sleeves – I reckon you should just dive in and change the instructions until the tunic fits YOU, since you’re the one who will be wearing it. And you should be flattered by Boy’s drawing – clearly he is comparing you to that wise teacher Yoda! 😀

    1. :D yes you are right, might as well come up with a solution for myself… I think it’s about time I stop using patterns altogether :D I remember you telling me that you had stopped using them years ago! :) Good on you! I tended to use them to learn new techniques and understand how things are designed but you are right. None of these designers look like me or have the same body shape, and I always find myself modifying, re adjusting etc…. so might as well knit it all from scratch! :) – altho I tried improvising my self a long sweater a few weeks ago, and it’s like… 10 times to big :D

      1. Yeah, unfortunately improvisation comes with its own quirks and frustrations. I had the opposite problem… I made an incredibly short mohair sweater that I was SURE would be the right length when I went to cast it off 😆 Perhaps if we collaborated on a sweater design it would work out the right length!

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