The Modern Bodhisattva

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“Hands of Compassion” by Mayumi Oda.

In these challenging times we get to see a lot of people – especially women – rising and standing up for their voices to be heard. After decades of feminism, western women have become strong and powerful. “The fight isn’t over” I hear some of you say. Sure. But it’s been a long way.

Sadly I have met a lot of western mamas who told me how much they wish they had more time to do yoga. More time to do art… but what about being yoga?

We are meant to be human beings, not human doings…

I think that every mama is a bodhisattva*.

She might not get to roll out her yoga mat every day, or sit on a meditation cushion as much as she would like to… but she gets to practice patience, compassion, mindfulness, understanding and she has the daily opportunity to put someone else’s needs before hers.

This is the real work. This is yoga in action.

Some days it is a dance. Some days it feels like Groundhog Day. We all have both.

So to all the mamas out there who are giving themselves a hard time because they are too tired to jump through physical postures on their mats every day…. Hey don’t worry! You are doing the hardest bit! Don’t beat yourself up for motherhood gives you the opportunity to practice the virtues of yoga and buddhism every single day! When your patience falls short, don’t you worry, because you’ll have plenty of other chances to try again…

Of course, connecting with yourself, getting back into your body and breathing are very important tools that will help you to cope with whatever the world throws at you… That includes being present for your kids and pets while they need you. If you shut the door on them, you shut them out of your practice.

I have done it before: getting frustrated with my dogs because they are walking all over me and my mat with their muddy paws while I’m trying to do yoga, or with my kid because he keeps interrupting me as I’m trying so hard to do… yes… trying too hard. It’s like fitting a square block in a round hole.

If you can get up before the rest of the house and get on your mat, great. You will feel better for it for sure and you will find that the rest of the day will flow smoothly.

If you can’t, remember: This is not a permanent thing.

Make the most of the kids now before they live the nest: You are lucky to have them. 

One day, the kids will get their backpacks on and will be on their way. You’ll have all the time in the world to be on your mat.

Animals and kids can teach you way more than any yoga classes any time.

If you are willing to listen that is…


Happy week everyone! :)



* bodhisattva is the Sanskrit term for anyone who, motivated by great compassion, has generated bodhicitta, which is a spontaneous wish to attain buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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