Who is the best at dancing in the rain?

Buddhism, Yoga

Boy and I often discuss quotes during car journeys. We often mention Gandhi’s quotes. I usually introduce them when they are relevant to whatever discussion we are having.

One of our favourites that we like to remind each other of is :
“There is enough for every man’s need but not for every man’s greed”.

We do like that one.

We have also previously discussed:

“An eye for an eye and the world goes blind”.

Yesterday I shared with him a lovely quote that a fellow yogini shared during our yoga training on Sunday:

She told us that since the death of her husband she has put a sign up by her front door with these words from Vivian Greene:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

I told Boy how much I thought that quote was beautiful, profound and so true. But he replied that he wouldn’t want to get wet dancing in the rain like that. He’d rather wait for it to stop first.

Well, he does have a hood I argued… and I went on explaining what a metaphor was and that this quote was about being able to handle whatever challenge life throws at you, looking at the bright side of things and staying positive rather than just being on stand by, sitting tight waiting for things to improve.

It does seem that a lot of us spend their lives like flotsams – carried by the tidal waves of life, unable to steer themselves towards wherever or whatever they want or need to go to.


Picture : Dr Frankenstein’s Coastal Laboratory (2014) Jo Atherton – Flotsamweaving.com

Conversations can get even more interesting when we have one of his friends with us.

Yesterday we were hanging out in a car after Boy and his friend’s swimming lesson – waiting for the friend’s mum and little brother to finish their class – and we were having a conversation about who is the best person in the world.

His friend said: “Jesus is the best person in the world” and Boy replied “No! Buddha is the best person in the world!”. They both looked at me, waiting for me to settle it between Jesus and Buddha.

What followed was a very interesting conversation about all the Saints who rose to help Mankind and were indeed, amongst the best persons of their time…

I added a few more best persons, such as Muhammad, to show them that there were in fact, more than two.

I don’t know why, but I was about to write “Perhaps I should have added Rod Stewart”.

Why on earth?

8 thoughts on “Who is the best at dancing in the rain?

  1. What lovely conversations you have with your son. I will need to introduce quotations as conversation starters with my kids. We do discuss big subjects at the dinner table so I think quotations would be a perfect addition to our repertoire. My 9 year old recently complained to his class teacher that we always discuss social justice at the dinner table. Ha ha! Maybe profound quotations will appease him.

    1. Yes I find quotes interesting food for thoughts… And you can choose to go in depth or keep it light… I find we tend to have the most interesting conversations in the car though… It’s always been like that :) it’s nice to have good discussions around the dinner table! It used to be like that when I was a kid :)

      1. I think that if I had more kids it would get mega noisy in the car… When we go swimming we go in a friend’s car with her kids in the back and it gets quite wild in there… They shriek and shout and sing it’s like they all go feral! It’s hard to have a normal conversation with someone with all that going on! It must be hard to be able to just drive like that! :)

  2. I have to say my parents never had conversations like this with me when I was a kid…perhaps it’s why I’m such a terrible conversationalist now. Good on you for getting the verbal ball rolling!

  3. Boy is one seriously cool kid… I can’t imagine having conversations like this with my friends when I was his age! Good for you for encouraging him to think and talk, rather than just giving him a phone to keep him quiet!

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