‘Twas The Sunday Before Christmas…

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Yesterday I took Boy to my Local Yarn Store, so he could carefully choose the yarn he liked best for me to knit him his very own hat, designed with his own requirements.

It had to be blue, because blue has always been his favourite colour… with a dash of red to stay in the Christmas Spirit…

It also had to be soft – not itchy on the scalp – roomy and adult size so he can nicely grow into it, folded at the edge, not too warm and very important: with a big pompom on top….

It has a fish scales pattern, to honour Boy loves for the seven seas…

Please excuse the poor lightning conditions, but I just took these pictures and it’s 8:30pm here.

We bought the yarn at the end of yesterday afternoon, while we were in town to meet Santa and the Grinch – like we do every year – and I just finished it.

Boy is very pleased and assure me that he will wear it a lot – ahem… not like other hats I have knitted for him previously….


I think this hat suits him so well, but somehow he doesn’t want to wear it for very long… He find it itchy, and perhaps a bit too over the top (really?).

Well at least it kept him warm on Friday night….

I can see myself taking a break from knitting mittens for a while, to enter the magic world of hats over the holidays…




3 thoughts on “‘Twas The Sunday Before Christmas…

    1. Thanks… Unfortunately he is reluctant to wear hats… He argues that he always wears hoods and that’s what they are for… Hard to argue with that… :)

      1. Hahaha! He has a point… Although for chilly days out in the countryside, I often find I like to have both! Hope you’re all keeping nice and toasty on these frosty days!

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