In between days…


Early post today, as I’m off to the Christmas Fair. I didn’t get much sleep as yesterday was very busy. So busy that i couldn’t even sleep at the end of it.

I spent the day finishing a few things for the fair, then headed off to set up my stall and then drove to Brighton to See Nigel Kennedy plays Jimi Hendrix at the Dome.

Things have been very hectic here lately, in between knitting, homeschooling, being the general dogsbody for my husband’s company

This is what this week looked like so far…

I got stuck in a Bjork video for a while…

Gnomes, gnomes and more gnomes… I can hear their little voices swearing and moaning at me…

I found the time to make these gorgeous oat and chocolate cookies, following Violet’s instructions… You must believe me: these are amazing – and they do taste better when eaten with a cuppa in a Shaun the sheep mug!

Well, that was last night. It was just incredible! the level of mastery involved here was just astonishing… The pace. The technicality. A proper music blast, from such skilled musicians, delivered in a very relaxed atmosphere. They were all having such a great time on stage, it was such a pleasure and an honour to be there. “A fucking great evening!”, like Nigel would say!

Colour waves…

Boy made a few batches of soap to sell at the Christmas Fair… A good opportunity for him to start learning about money, change etc… Although his prices vary depending on the day… It’s either £3 a soap or £19.50 :D

You know your brain starts to crash when you spend two days happily knitting another right hand mitten without realising it…

Nigel here we come! Foxy Lady!

What was your week like?

7 thoughts on “In between days…

  1. It looks like you’ve been very busy indeed but that all that hectic activity includes some fun stuff. My 9 year old Hendrix fan would be jealous of that concert. My week has been nuts too but with a welcome change of tone and theme since Thursday since everyone is home together for four days for Thanksgiving. We are enjoying some much needed family time.

    1. Yes I know what you mean… Family time often only happens if you make it happen… Sometimes I feel I even have to book it! :) I bet your life is mega hectic, with a larger family!

      That gig was just… Beyond words. One of the guitarist was an 18 years old German guitar prodigy. He was just fantastic! There were quite a few kids in the audience. I wished I had taken my kid for a while, but then Nigel Kennedy uses strong language a fair bit so I may have had struggled to explain why it’s funny when Nigel says it on a stage and not on when my son says it… :D

      Have a lovely weekend, filled with a lot of family fun :)

  2. Oh, it’s so nice to catch up with your blog again! November and December were hectic for me too… I had one or two brain crash moments myself! Hope the Christmas fair went well and all your gnomes went to good homes 😀

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