The weather forecast:

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UK Overnight – Sunshine and showers, with frost for many overnight.
Showers will ease through the evening, leaving most places dry overnight. It’ll be a cold night, with frost for many, especially further north. Mist and fog is likely for some later in the night, this dense in some places.

That sounds like the weather forecast for the next four years…


Today’s entry in my art diary… 


Monday mid day: Boy’s Stegosaurus hat is ready. Now we can go to Brighton for the afternoon to celebrate my birthday…


A present from my friend… Tea Time just got that little bit better! :)


Because I needed another fox scarf to keep me warm during Bonfire Night…


Dandelions mitten…


My Stop the cull now! mitt


My husband made this video a few days ago, he filmed it during Bonfire night last Saturday. I thought that perhaps those of you who live in the US may enjoy watching it…

And I’m seriously considering a move to my dream land… Scotland:

GO Mhairi GO!!! See, some politicians do have some sense into them – that’s a breath of fresh air to me :)


9 thoughts on “The weather forecast:

    1. Thank you very much, Laura :) that tea set is so pretty that I have left the tag on and can’t bring myself to use it, I’m too scared it will use it’s magic once it has been used :D

      isn’t Mhairi Black great in that video? She makes me want to move in her constituency! She s the youngest MP ever elected, yet she is so down to earth!

      1. I’m very ashamed to say that I came across her for the first time this week… She is just amazing! I wish there were more politicians like her! Correct me if I’m wrong, but politicians in Scotland seems closer to the people generally speaking?

      2. I couldn’t say. I don’t have enough comparative experience. It’s perhaps easier to be more involved with their constituencies because the population is smaller. You should seek out her maiden speech. It was fantastic.

  1. Ooooh, so much cool stuff! Boy’s stegosaurus hat is brilliant, and look at your lovely birthday goodies… That tea set is glorious! I was also really taken with Mhairi’s speech – Boyfriend and I watched “Threads” recently, have you ever seen it? It was a one-off drama made by the BBC in the 70s, to show what would happen during and after a nuclear strike against the UK. It was actually terrifying, and left me convinced that no-one should have these weapons. It’s worth a look… You should be able to find it on YouTube.

  2. I wish we had politicians that were that passionate (and so well-spoken in their passion) about doing good. Our “good” politicians seem to just roll over an play dead too many times. Her speech is great – and so is that stegosaurus hat!

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