This week’s small achievements…


“Sometimes it’s the things you do while standing still that make up who you are.”

Marcie Chambers Cuff.

Yet another week filled with wild things – I have a wild kid, two wild dogs, a wild cat… so of course I spend my life chasing after them!

Wild things are often Masters of Chaos. Well, mine can be – It may well be that the Wild Things in your life don’t generate that much chaos at all, or it may be that you don’t have them with you 24h a day 7 days a week and that enables you to keep the sea of chaos to a manageable ratio.

Well here the sea of chaos has whirlpools, tornadoes, storms and quiet sunny days too.

Amongst the chaos from the Wild Things, I can be Master of Stillness, while knitting mittens…

But I have been suffering from a very acute condition: the lone mitten syndrome.

I am currently working on too many knitting projects at once. So many things to knit and only one pair of hands and not enough time!

So I have a lot of half done things to show, like one mitten here, another mitten there… but no actual pair!

Oh yes I have made these amazing kefir rolls – That’s good enough for a ‘tada!’ moment…

I left the mixture to ferment in kefir overnight last night.

Then I turned into rolls, early this am:

Here they are a bit later, after they were left to rise…

And Tada!… ready to eat, fresh out of the oven:

Let me tell you: these kefir rolls are delicious!

Here is a husky mitten – which is actually nearly completed now – along with Boy’s writing progress. When one is taught at home, one expresses his creative flair more… ahem, directly…

He also enjoys playing with the tablet… oh, Hi!

He takes it to his playhouse and returns it with hundreds of pictures of all sorts of things.

Here is the garden’s view from inside his playhouse…

And last but not least…

We have a gnome invasion here…

They are taking over… They are keeping watch, making sure that the Wild Things don’t start moaning too much. Have you ever heard of Moany Gnomey? (Not to be mistaken with moany Noémie). I was told yesterday by the Goddess of all things Gnome related, that when Wild Things start moaning too much, Moany Gnomey gets up to “mischief of all kinds” and that’s when they start to wear their wolf suit, and tell their mum they’ll “eat her up!”… and then a forest grows… and grows… in their bedroom…


But that’s another story…)


I hope you all had a nice week, filled with wild things, gnome encounters, silly words and good food!


9 thoughts on “This week’s small achievements…

  1. Ha! That sounds like a typical week at my house… Just substitute “Beasties” for “gnomes”! I love your mitten designs, especially the first ones with the circle pattern… They’re awesome! Here’s wishing you a great, un-moany Noémie weekend 😀

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