6 thoughts on “In The Wild. Wild. Woods.

    1. Oh yes! And from October onwards that’s their mating season, you can hear them calling each other, and the sound of the male crashing their antlers… It’s so impressive. In France – and probably in Scotland too – you can also see wild boars! I’m guessing in the states you must have a lot of interesting wild life to watch… Have you encountered any wild brown bears during your trips in the us?

      1. We have black bears in our area. There was one wandering the next street to ours a few months ago. A neighbour found it in his garden when he took out the trash. Unfortunately we didn’t see it, just the police searching for it. It wandered down the creek and ended up in park land nearer the city. However, we did see a black bear cub when we were in West Virginia in July. It was scrambling up the embankment by the side of the road. We waited for as long as we could to see if it returned or any siblings or mother but sadly not.

  1. I’m always stunned by how beautiful your local woodland is… How lucky you are to have something like that so close! Great photos… And is it just me, or has Boy grown about a foot taller over the summer?!

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