Mushroom Mittens

Finished Objects, Knitting

I’m currently lost in mitten world.

I can’t quite describe it with words. I just can’t stop knitting them and can’t help noticing patterns and textures in my day to day life that would look great on mittens… Everything around me is a potential pair of mitten waiting to be knitted.

I have been eagerly reading all about Latvian mittens lately*, admiring their intricate colourworks, the various meanings of the symbols used in the patterns, and their History.

I find it truly fascinating how mittens played such an important part of Latvian traditions and day to day life.

Although I have been thinking about it and drawing a lot of squares, I haven’t finished designing my very own first pair of of mittens yet. I have to hold myself back and remember to keep it simple.

Today I just finished this pair though…


The pattern is called Mushroom Kelliemuffs and is designed by the Mitten Queen, Her Royal Highness SpillyJane



*I have been reading the excellent Latvian Mittens Traditional Designs & Techniques by Lizbeth Upitis.

9 thoughts on “Mushroom Mittens

    1. Me too… Although I tend to knit full mittens because I like the look of them, but I actually find them unpractical and keep taking them off all the time, whereas fingerless mittens I can just live in them :) I want to try to knit loads for my market stall …

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