Warm ups…


The weather has been exquisitely hot here and we have been enjoying the summer.

I have been quietly knitting and crocheting away, starting to prepare for my stall at the Christmas fair at the end of November.

I spent quite a while last week teaching myself to crochet as I have been making leaves and flowers to go on garlands and fairy head dresses.

Here is one of them, what do you think?

I have so many ideas, I tend to be overly ambitious and start too many things at once.

My big fear is to end up with a lot of half done projects, and end up with hardly anything to show for it after weeks spent knitting away on failed experiments.

It is a good practice for my poor organisation skills :)
Here are this week’s experiments so far:



3 thoughts on “Warm ups…

    1. Too many ideas and only one pair of hands :( that’s my big problem. I’m lost in mitten world for now, knitting all sorts… :) it would be so cool to knit mittens with beasties on them!

      1. It would! Although if I’m making Beastie-themed clothes, I might start with a hat first. Beastie ears and a face on a hat would be awesome! Now I just need an extra 4 hours added into every day so I can make it happen…😆 Have fun in mitten world!

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