3D Knits

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I really love knitting in 3D. Every time I feel like I’m making a wearable sculpture. . . : . . . :

That’s why I enjoyed so much knitting Louise Walker’s Fox stole


. . . : . . . : . . .and Moose Head . . . : . . . : . . .


I thoroughly enjoy knitting in 3D :)

There are a few designers out there who create beautiful knitted taxidermy pieces…

– Designers such as Stephanie Dosen from Tiny Owl Knits, Louise Walker at Sincerely Louise, to name only a few…

I particularly love the Guerrilla knitting movement, who can just knit anything, anywhere… Yarn Bomber such as Deadly Knitshade, for example are very inspiring! I love the freedom of what she does and how Guerrilla Knitters just get out there and do it, just like direct action in grassroots activism.

…. and there is also Shauna Richardson. She probably doesn’t sell her crochet patterns on Ravelry, so I don’t think I’ll get to try any of her patterns. Mind you, I don’t think I have any room big enough in my house to knit such a piece!

It would make a pretty awesome Guerrilla Knitting project, that’s for sure!

Bremen Musicians from Shauna Richardson on Vimeo.

When I first saw this video a few months ago, I was just speechless…





8 thoughts on “3D Knits

  1. I love your knitted taxidermi! I once knitting a similar fox but that was for stopping drafts , might be from a Mollie Makes knitting book. And really, those Bremen musicians are indeed a marvel!! xo Johanna

    1. I know! I find crochet so difficult! Knitting usually go in one direction, but with crochet you can go anyway you want! And I can’t get my head around the crochet patterns vocabulary… What on earth is a double treble? :) do you crochet?

      1. No, it’s one craft I never learned. My family tree is full of dressmakers, embroiderers and knitters, but I don’t think there was ever a crocheter! Plus I’ve never seen a crochet project that made me NEED to learn… Until now!

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