Seals and Goats

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I hope that you are all having a great summer, enjoying the outdoors and having loads of adventures wherever you are!

Earlier on this week, we enjoyed a lovely bike ride through Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, cycling from Rye all the way to Camber Sands…

Rye Harbour small-map

We spotted a few seals playing in the river Rother in between Rye Harbour and Camber Sands. They were happily playing in the sun in front of us as we cheered!

seal surfer

This book has been a favourite of Boy and I for a few years now…

I love seals… It’s always such a joy to see them in the wild.

I actually saw my very first seal exactly three years ago, in Cornwall during a boat trip from St Ives to Seal Island :



Last year Boy and I went to the Seal Sanctuary several times, to see them even closer!

I really don’t understand how one can club a baby seal to death. Sadly it happens every  year in Canada, The United States, Namibia, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Finland, and Sweden…

Staff at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have condemned the Canadian Government for allowing nearly a million seals to be killed over the next three years in the largest hunt of marine mammals…including 350,000 seal pups.

“It has been estimated that up to 42% of seals are skinned alive, a truly barbaric practice,” said Tamara Cooper, from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

“One study also suggests that the Canadian Government significantly underestimates the total number of seals that die each year, because many animals are lost at sea.”

If only…


>> More info and a link to IFAW petition here.

Boy and I spent a couple of days by the sea, visiting friends in Hastings this week. We got to meet some lovely people in Bexhill too…

As we were on the move a lot, I started a new pair of socks – I have nearly finished sock 1.

I got to ride my bike with my new basket at the front today.

Still paring down, getting closer to my minimalist vision! I’m very grateful for all the charity shops in my town. I have given a big bin bag to The Salvation Army this week – I found the most amazing onesie for Boy there too…

I’ve also been catching up on my yoga studies, at last:


But why on earth are they wearing trainers while doing yoga??? 

And I have a cunning plan for next week…

black adder


See you there!





8 thoughts on “Seals and Goats

  1. Your time away sounds lovely. I don’t know how anyone can harm a seal either. There’s really no excuse or need for seal hunting to still be a thing. Are you aware of the Scottish and Irish myth of the selkies? When I was a wee girl, I used to try and guess which of the seals in the shore were selkies.

  2. Oh my word, are people still hunting seals? Surely no-one on earth would actually buy anything made from seal fur these days?! At least the ones you saw are safe. Enjoy your trip to Nepal 😉

  3. Sounds like a fun day out! Seals are adorable little blobs of fat…how could anyone not love them!? We have tons (literally) of seals on the Oregon Coast and one town actually preserved a broken down old dock that the sea lions love to use to sun themselves on. (Ooh, and Song of the Sea is a great film, I loved the artwork in it!)

    1. I’d love to see them in the wild! We saw sea lions at the seal sanctuary, the edges of their pool was made of glass so we could go down near the sides and watch them through the water as they played, they were so big!

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