Socks Tale…

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Once upon a time there was a pixie who secretly knitted a pair of plain brown socks – with blue speckles all over – for her husband’s birthday…

Sock 1 and Sock 2 were both finished and blocked and were quietly drying in the sun on those sock blockers that the Pixie got for herself in Brighton for her last birthday…

She was on time. The birthday was two days away so the socks had plenty of time to dry…

Alas, one of them kept falling off the line, landing on the hard concrete floor of the patio.

When the pixie went to collect the socks from the line that evening, she discovered with horror that there was a hole in one of the socks…

A moth?” she thought…

Her loyal assistant couldn’t believe it either and was deeply concerned about this strange occurence.

The Pixie thought about staying up late that evening, looking for moths.

But then she thought again.

She remembered that she picked up that sock twice from the floor earlier on that day. She checked the sock blocker and realised that it has a tiny sharp pointy bit sticking out on that exact spot. So she concluded that the yarn must have snapped when the sock fell on the floor, on the sharp plastic edge of the sock blocker. Darn it!

Well actually, no. She didn’t darn it.

She unravelled it, and re knitted it. Early a.m. on the D day.

These kind of things thrive on going wrong at the last minute so of course she had to re-knit it twice…

But at the end, the husband got his socks on his birthday and they fit him perfectly.

He declared that they were the best she had ever knitted so far and that they were “absolutely perfect“.


And They All Lived Happily Ever After!


As for the Pixie… well now she is busy knitting herself forest wings…



6 thoughts on “Socks Tale…

    1. Oh I didn’t knit the whole thing three times, just the end of that one sock, from where the hole was onward :) it was time consuming but nothing like if I had to re knit the whole sock :)

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