Late Summer Night’s Dream…

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I hope you are all enjoying the summer… Here I am getting busier and busier like a little bee, starting slowly to prepare for the Christmas fair at the end of November.

I have never sold my knitting at a fair before, I’ll be sharing a table with a friend and fellow knitter and… we shall see!

I’m still trying to put together a collection for the winter. By that I mean items that will go well together, along the lines of a woodland theme.

I have been experimenting with knitted flower headbands, and garlands of knitted leaves…


…and I am about to get busy knitting hats and mittens with various fair isle designs on them, such as mushrooms and forest animals.

Along with some knitted birds and their accessories…


It’s actually going to be a lot of work and I am at the point where I don’t quite know where to start. The amount of knitting that needs doing is a bit overwhelming and time just fly so quickly! I bet November will be here in a flash now, and I am starting to be haunted by these images of myself knitting like a demon night and day throughout November to be ready on time. I tend to work better under pressure and I’m the queen of procrastination when it comes to leaving things until the very last minute…

So I’m trying to start now, one stitch at a time…

I’m also thinking about making some cards of some of my paintings...

What do you think?

Do you think I should just focus on the knitting or should I also make some cards to go with the knitted birds?




9 thoughts on “Late Summer Night’s Dream…

  1. a mon avis “focalise” sur le tricot en premier … il sera toujours temps de s’occuper des cartes imprimées de tes peintures a la rentrée

  2. I think the only way to test your market is to give it a try and see. I do know that I would buy knitwear from you as I love what you do. Of what’s shown here, I love that little best with the eggs.

  3. Oooh, exciting! I love doing markets and fairs, it’s such a great way to meet your people and find out what they like! I think that cards are a good idea – they’re the perfect impulse purchase for people who wouldn’t commit to buying something bigger. But be wary of having too many different types of things on your stall, because it can end up looking cluttered! Good luck 😀

  4. I agree with Helen, if you can do cards that match your knit items, I think it would be a great addition. A “theme” for your table would really draw shoppers’ attention. Good luck!!

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