August 2016…

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First of all did you know that Paul McCartney wrote the song Martha My Dear for his gorgeous British Sheep dog Martha?

martha McCartney

My husband, who is english didn’t know. Boy absolutely loves this song at the moment, and listens to it in loop while playing with his wooden alphabet.

I’m always amazed and deeply moved whenever I listen to the Beatles… Their music doesn’t seem to age at all!

I have been quietely knitting away at this pair of socks lately…

shhhh… don’t tell anyone… it’s a surprise…


I have also been quietly working on my Etsy shop… it’s a very slow process :)

“When I cannot sing my heart. I can only speak my mind”… The Beatles.

I have been making some seriously scrumptious gooseberry cakes here lately, as we had so  many gooseberries on our gooseberry plants.

The dogs and I like them just as they are, but the rest of the family doesn’t…

So I first started with a gooseberry and apple crumble a few days ago… then last night, I came up with this hybrid version: a base, a layer of gooseberry sauce and a cheese cake toping with bits of almond chocolate mixed in… It’s very decadent and so delicious. I have been practicing it for my husband’s birthday coming up this weekend.

I have told you before about our regular route around the Worth Way… well you saw the photographs here, but today I decided to sketch bits of it – in short bursts – while trying to keep up with a gang of 3 kids on their bikes and two dogs… I was walking behind…

A Worth Way Day:

Yet another day

Playing around the Worth Way

Trees to climb, streams to explore

Children on bikes, dogs and more!

Tara My Dear, you are like me… After spending 4h30 stomping around trying to keep up with these crazy kids, we both feel sore, tired and are off to bed.

Well I’m off to fall asleep in my salty bath first..



6 thoughts on “August 2016…

      1. Yes, that was great! It was only supposed to be about photography, but it was interesting to hear about other people’s experiences with selling on Etsy. It seems like everyone finds it tricky… There really isn’t a magic success formula! So don’t worry, you’re not alone 😃

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