Stream lines

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This is how nature looks like from my living room, when I’m painting plants from my head…


And this is how nature looks like en plein air, in the wild:



I find the woods very difficult to sketch or paint, because there is so much going on! so please excuse the mediocrity of this sketch…

I have learned something important from this failure though – and that’s why I’m sharing it with you, I wouldn’t clutter your mind with it for no reason… you too might learn something from my mistake :)

It works best to start such project with the background and work your way to the front, which is not what I have done here and it looks like a flat mess…

oh well, understanding often comes from confusion… and I’m a practical/kinaesthetic   learner after all :)


11 thoughts on “Stream lines

  1. I love those little botanical field studies. They have real charm. You’ve hit the nail on the head I think with what makes plein air painting so challenging – too many possibilities and decisions about how to get the eye to focus on specific details. It’s why I’m no good at landscapes or architecture drawing.

      1. I think it’s because I’m such a slow draw-er that i just don’t have the patience to stay still long enough to make anything that resembles anything when I draw en plein air. At least drawing from photos I can get up and walk away and nothing changes by the time I get back. 😜

  2. I’m impressed by anyone who can draw from life! Capturing the essence of something quickly with a few lines or brushstrokes is so tricky. I really like your detailed plant paintings too 😀

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