The Owls Are On Hot Pressed Seams…

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Earlier on this week, I mentioned briefly that I had spent quite a bit of time on a painting and I also mentioned my Dad’s birthday a while back and even shared with you the draft of his painting… well, he received it in the post today!

I think it was the first time I actually did a draft. I usually just start painting straight away, because I like the spontaneity and the in-the-moment aspect of doing it that way and because I’m mostly just sketching anyway. But this time I wanted to do a draft and attempt to make a proper painting, taking ages over it like real artists do…

So here is the draft:


And here is the final version:

I like the fact that they are kind of similar but not – like they could be related…

You cant quite see it, but this sketchbook is a pocket size Moleskine sketchbook, with sketchbook paper – not watercolour paper. I actually like that paper, although it can peel a bit if you wet it too much. The finished painting is on proper watercolour paper (hot pressed, my favourite) and the size is much bigger than what I’m used to. It was actually harder and slightly intimidating to paint bigger. It feels like every hesitant or not quite straight line is under a magnifier. I like drawing with ink directly, I don’t use pencils and rubber and my ink doesn’t melt in water – it’s waterproof. So there is no going back, I have got to be brave and do it :)

Here is the back of the painting:

It’s a family portrait… although the dogs are missing. I don’t look that frazzled in real life…

Boy and I had great fun decorating the envelop before sending it to my dad in France this week. He got it today!

Happy Belated Birthday Dad!



12 thoughts on “The Owls Are On Hot Pressed Seams…

  1. dad will be proud :) very kewl time consumin’ piece of life frum ur HEart i can see. LUV IT REALLY 4 some very intriguing an Yes U “Jest Do It!” very well…… :) july 23rd here would have been my fathers birthday today if he would have survived this long, life is short so enjoy it whilst ya can……… namaste’ 2 u frum da’ Q frum da’ bottom of me HeART! <3

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words :)
      I’m glad that you like it and that it found its way to you on such a meaningful date :) owls are said to be very wise…

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