Dream catchers…

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Here are some glimpses of my day… I have spared you the dentist appointment :)

I have also finished two paintings – one of which I have spent quite a bit of time on – but I am saving them both for in a few days time.

But here we go, here are my sketches of today:

I started the day sketching Boy watching the world, day dreaming sat in his hammock…

And here is a picture of him in the same spot last night, from a different angle:

– You also get to see the same blueberry plant I sketched yesterday morning, from another angle, at the bottom left :) –

My magic bottle, a tincture of Chaga mushroom, handmade by my husband. My bottle is black because I don’t want to waste any labels, although I have actually spent quite a while on Sunday revamping these labels…

A post dentist dog walk in Ashdown Forest. One of our favourite spots is next to a big pond with a jetty in the middle of the woods. While the dogs and Boy were having such a great time, I made an attempt at sketching what was in front of me…

What was YOUR day like?

I hope that like me you are celebrating watercolour, watercolor or aquarelle in one way or another this month for World Watercolor Month! Feel free to share some links to your paintings in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Dream catchers…

  1. Today I had lots of work to do but was very productive, which is a good feeling. Now I am catching up with my blog reading. Looks like you had a terrific day, all except for the dentist ;)

    1. Yes and it looks like I will have to go back there quite a few times this summer :(
      It sounds like a satisfying day for you then :) I love the feeling of having ticked lots of things off my to do list :)

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