20 thoughts on “Changeling

  1. Il y a longtemps a Orléans au cours d’une sorte de stage, un dimanche apr.midi, avec cette dame qui faisait de la sophrologie, étrangement j’étais un corbeau, un peu sale et déplumé qui ne pouvait pas voler !!! je t’en avais parlé je crois … :)) et toi ? une biche ? une siréne ?

  2. What a sweet and curious character you’ve created. I used to think my totem character was a pig (maybe a winged one) but now I think it’s rabbits – specifically zombie bunnies.

  3. You know what’s weird (given that I’m kinda a skeptic)? I was getting a reading once, and the woman asked me to close my eyes and focus/meditate or some other kind of new agey stuff. I was like “whatever” but then I saw these three animals come walking through my mind’s eye. So I told her what animals I saw. There was a long frickin’ pause and I was getting kinda annoyed and then, finally, she was like “I was calling on my spirit animals to help guide the reading and they were those three animals.” Or so she said.

      1. Arrgh, getting old sucks…I remembered when I was making that comment, like it was yesterday. Now, I’ll have to wait till three am for it to come back. Deer and two others. I wrote it down in a journal somewhere.

      2. It would be a likely explanation that I just had three *examples: deer, bear…hmm, what else) of the most common, typical spirit animals pop into my head and my imagination gave them a visual representation. *laugh* Now, even if I do remember, it will probably be overlaid with that conclusion. It would probably be more viable if I had a hamster, a hedgehog, and a hippopotamus parade through my head, and they turned out to be her spirit guides. :-)

      1. There is a fox who comes on my patio day and night to check if the dogs or myself have left anything to eat. She leaves poo every time as a thank you gift. I’d have the money instead any time….

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