The girl who loved stripes, words and seahorses…

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Once upon a time there was a little girl. She had pink hair, green eyes and loved stripes.

She wanted to become a writer so she could write stories about clouds turning into dragons, teapots filled with green smoke and horses living in a magic forest ruled by a panther, ridden with trolls and elves.

Her head was filled with stories and words. Long and short, cross words, polite and pleasing words. Her favourite words were Hippocrates, bile and reincarnation… She would repeat them often to herself.

She loved it very much when her parents would take her to the seaside during the summer holidays. She would look everywhere for seahorses.

As the years passed, the words in her head became neat, tidy and organised. They started to have meanings and definitions attached to them, like tags dangling down from items on the shelves in a shop. Even her stories were now organised by themes and symbolism.

She is now 34, she has written a few books, novels mostly. They are all saved in her laptop.

What kind of grown up did you want to become when you were a child?




15 thoughts on “The girl who loved stripes, words and seahorses…

    1. I suppose through your art you are a bit like a film director… You choose who is in it, the location and what they will be doing :)

  1. Lovely paintings and the story. I wanted to be an archaeologist :) but I’m not. My plans changed later. Some people find their own path in their childhood, which is nice.

  2. Love this because I used to have pink stripes in my hair (which turned into a cool swirl when I put my hair into a French twist). Can’t think of all I wanted to be…a rock star, a teacher, an artist, a travel agent, a wildlife biologist, a botanist, lottery winner….

  3. Cool! I really like the collage element in the first picture. I’ve been trying to remember what I wanted to grow up to be… I think “Egyptologist” was top of the list for a long time, then later on I wanted to be a cartoonist. Oh, and I do remember writing an essay in which I claimed I wanted to be a vampire! Is that a valid career option?!

      1. There is loads of money to be made with a vampire career! You can go down the teenage movie path, or on TV. Buffy made a fortune out of it…

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