The mermaid who rose from the sea…

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I would like to introduce you to this goddess of the sea…

Usually my characters just appear from my brush and paint box. They call me to sit down at the table and get my sketchbook, brushes and paintbox out. They beckon. And I just let them appear. And then they whisper me their story and I sometimes share it with you here.

Last night this mermaid wanted to appear right in the middle of the sketchbook I just finished. There was an almost blank double page in the middle and I didn’t have much time to think about it, she was already appearing, materialising herself out of water and colours…





8 thoughts on “The mermaid who rose from the sea…

      1. Elements are intuitive, such as shapes and colours, but the faces themselves are not intuitive. I think too much about angles and proportions to just go with the flow with the faces.

  1. J’aime beaucoup, c’est fluide et gracieux, comme Ondine la Sirène, qui était tombée amoureuse d’un “terrien” et avait demandé a Neptune, son père, d’avoir des jambes pour le rejoindre … allégorique !

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