Wet lettuces

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This summer has been very wet here so far. And I must admit, I’m secretly rejoicing. Why?

First of all because it’s the perfect weather conditions for lettuce growing!


Drawing lettuces is like drawing mandalas… very therapeutic and addictive! One can just draw a rose, paint it green and call it a lettuce…

I have been growing them in containers on my patio lately and they taste delicious! Bouncy, crispy and full of moisture. And no slug munching on them at night so far (may it stay that way… fingers and toes and legs crossed!). I don’t ever need to water them either.


Lettuces love to grow in a sunny but slightly cold climate. Drizzle is great too as it sprays their leaves nicely… We have had some great hide and seek games going on in the sky here – some perfectly timed combinations of sun, clouds, then darker clouds, turning into very dark clouds, heavy rain pours, then sun and a lot of drizzle too…  and it has not been that hot really. Barely T-shirt weather at the best of times. Oh the joy for all my little gems! :)



And the second reason is that all the spells of heavy rain makes for beautiful light and vibrant colours everywhere.

All this rain gives the sky some very dramatic shades of grey as very dark clouds takes over the blue sky in minutes and then empty themselves over our heads. Then follow a commotion of underdressed people – living in denial – who start to panic in the streets as soon as it starts to rain. You see them rushing about in all directions, running around like headless – and undressed – chickens. These people who walk around wearing close to nothing even though it’s cold, seem to believe that just because we are in July, the world owes them some summer weather. It’s probably because instead of looking out the window in the morning when getting dressed, they just look at their phones and read “13th of July”. So they proceed in wearing flip flops, boob tubes and shorts and get in a foul mood when they get drenched.

Which brings me to my third reason of why I like the summer rain so much: This is British comedy for me. The weird relationship people have with the weather here. They want it to be hot and they act like they are caught by surprise when it rains – You’d think they would have gotten used to it by now and that they would all have capsule rain coats in their bags. No. They seem to think that their protest of walking around the streets in their bikinis while it’s raining heavily will make the weather gods feel sorry for them and clear the sky and bake them hot… until they all turn bright red :D it hasn’t worked so far but never mind.

Regardless of how much it rains, or how extreme the weather might get: Weather forecast, be warned! Some of the good people of Great Britain will not give up their birth right that entitles them to have a proper summer, and will indeed make a point of wearing their summer gear in July. In all weather conditions. That’s proper British stubbornness for you :)

Here is another sketch from my patio – with an in-between weather kind of sky:


And… Here is a car that was parked in front of us in the rain – Boy and I drew it together while we were waiting in our car for a heavy rain pour to stop so we could get out with our demijohns to collect spring water and meet a new friend, but we didn’t know it at the time!


What is the weather like so far where you are?




8 thoughts on “Wet lettuces

    1. Oh no! Where about do you live? The other edible I am currently growing are carrots, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries and garden herbs and they are all doing alright, although I don’t think there has been enough sun for the strawberries as there are not that many of them and they are not that big…

  1. Hot and dry and it’s supposed to be monsoon season here in the desert…I miss the rain so much (from a tropical environment originally).

  2. Love the lettuce pics! We’ve had a weird swing from warm to cold, warm to cold, and back again. It’s nice because sometimes I get bored with consistent weather, although it’s odd to have to wear socks in July! It’s also been great for growing peas. I’ve never had so many as this year! Yum!!

  3. Heehee, I have lettuces in my garden too! They were going great when the weather was a bit cooler (it was so nice to have home-grown lettuce in my lunchtime sandwiches at Other Work) but I think they got a bit sunburnt last week. I might have to plant some more!

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