Ashplats Woods

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Boy and I often walk our dogs in Ashplats Woods – an ancient woodland which is a walking distance from our house. We have been going there at least once a week for the past two years.

We have lovely memories of adventures there, with the dogs, with friends…

Sailing boats in the streams – loosing playmobil pirates as they sailed down stream – and finding them the next day stuck in tree roots further down, skidding in the mud while trying to find our way back in the dark in winter, sculpting mud faces on trees while looking for treasure, spotting a heron flying right over our head amongst the trees, goodbye parties with friends at sunset… we saw so many stunning sunsets there, and beautiful winter sunrises too

I love sketching there… I sometimes use the water of the stream to paint with, or some mud/clay from the floor.

– Alfreds pond, Ashplats Woods.

Do you have a woodland or nature reserve near you? Do you manage to get there often?



15 thoughts on “Ashplats Woods

    1. Thank you Karen :) I always think that we
      -people with dog(s)- are so lucky, because we have to go out and about in all weather to walk them :) Dog walking is such an amazing therapy!

      1. Yes…you are so right and it stills the mind and fills the lungs with fresh air and allows us to enjoy our beloved family member – our dog…all good for sure..Karen

  1. I love the smoky subdued hues of your painting. I very vaguely know Ashplats Woods as my brother-in-law went to school in East Grinstead. Walking in the woods is always great. We have a small patch of woodland on our street that we wander through regularly but also lots of wooded state parks that we explore, including one we visit regularly. Having spent the first chunk of their lives in a very rural area, my kids definitely benefit from time spent being feral in the woods.

  2. There aren’t so many forests in central Dublin, but I have been known to take a detour through the park on my way to work, on the rare occasions when I’m not running late! There’s an avenue of trees in St Stephen’s Green which is a pleasure to stroll through at any time of the year 😀

  3. lovely sketch…. and when I saw its where you walk your dogs my eyes leapt to it!! I used to walk my dog and paint beside creeks as well :) thanks for sharing! cheers, Debi

      1. Yes, I’m in the south east of England :) I bet our summers are actually very similar right now as here it feels like a mild winter :)

  4. There’s plenty of nature around Portland, but it requires driving to get to (ugh). However, I love a trek through our Forest Park (the largest urban park in the U.S.) which features the 26-mile long Wildwood Trail (although I’ve only ever done the first ten).

      1. The first portion (a couple miles) is part of an arboretum and is very near our zoo and a few other attractions so it gets used often, but it’s never crowded or anything. Plus, the first four miles has many little side loops so that disperses people pretty well.

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