A mandala a day…

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… Keeps the doctor away!

My brain turned into wool, spun itself into yarn and I knitted it into a wearable mandala:

Yes. The fair isle tam aka Thrift Hat by Outi Kater is pretty much completed. It’s been blocked and is now drying nicely on my home made tam stretcher. I wrote pretty much because it still needs either a pompom or a little tail on top – like a traditional Béret. The lady who commissioned me for this tam wants a pompom, I kind of like the look of the béret tail better, but I have made the pompom and am happy to add it on.

I still need to put together a booklet to go with it, to tell the story of the hat – from fields to head – as it has been knitted entirely with locally grown and organically dyed wool.

The same mum who asked me to make a Baa-ble Hat for her son last winter got together with other parents from the local Steiner school and asked me to knit this fair isle tam as a goodbye present for their beloved kindergarten teacher. She should have her new hat on Tuesday. I hope she will like it :)

I will share more photos of this hat once it’s all dry, pompom’d and ready to go. I just wanted to share with you the first glimpse.

Have a good night!


15 thoughts on “A mandala a day…

  1. That is exceptional knitting, Noemie! I am sure it will be a treasured gift. I know as a former teacher that it would have been a highlight among the gifts I received.

    1. Thank you! It was my second knitting commission, and I have learned a lot from this experience. The first one was basically replicating a hat I had already knitted once, but this time it was about knitting something I had never done before. So I had to get into unknown territory a bit, and worried about the shape of the tam as it didn’t look like a tam at all until I blocked it and stretched it out on a big cardboard disc for a couple days. Then the shape was perfect… I didn’t know it when I started but it’s all in the blocking :D
      I thought about you a lot while doing it, wondering if you too were sometimes getting a bit stressed with deadlines and falling behind… ?

      1. Hahaha! YES! I have always been a terrible last-minuter, even when I was doing school work or revising for exams. No matter how early I start, true understanding or inspiration or whatever only hits in the final countdown to the deadline… it’s l like I need that pressure to push me on and do something I’m happy with! But as I get busier, I am trying to get out of this habit – I’ll give myself a heart attack otherwise! I’m glad your commission worked out so well, too… commissions are great for making you try new techniques and push your boundaries, don’t you think? 😀

  2. Ces bérets sont vraiment très réussis, tu dois essayer d’en faire d’autres encore, pour le bienfait de l’humanité oui oui OUI !!!

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