When things go on for too long…

Knitting, My Sketch Book

… then weird things start to happen.

I have been stuck in some sort of groundhog day lately…

And this is the frazzled look you end up getting when you are stuck in the same loop for too long:

It goes like this: *knit away following a chart/ unravel half of your work* repeat from * to * for an indefinite period of time – Like you have been sentenced to crawl through Hades for eternity.

So I had to have breaks and reach out for my sketch book, pen and paint box – before my brain started to turn into wool and begin spinning itself into balls of yarn.

But then I would come up with rather bleak sketches…

– I wanted to draw a fist rising from the water… but I didn’t.

Even when I have a break from knitting, that’s all I can sketch:


Happy #WorldWatercolorMonth!

My living room table is covered with a mixed pile of yarn, needles, watercolours and brushes… and yoga homework.

Next time I bother you, I should be showing you this finished fair isle tam of mine, or you will never hear from me ever again! :)





4 thoughts on “When things go on for too long…

    1. That’s the way to progress in knitting isn’t it? You – or rather I – make mistakes, and unravel again and again until I have understood and learned why it keeps happening… Making mistakes is the best way to progress I think :)

      1. Oh yes, definitely! Learning a new skill always involves making mistakes and figuring out where you went wrong, but that seems to be especially the case with knitting 😆

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