Getting Sam and Tim back home…

As I told you last night, we have been spending quite some time in and around Brighton earlier on this week… well, this is why:

Boy named them Sam and Tim (the small one is Tim, the big one is Sam…).

Liberating animals – especially sea creatures – is something I used to do back in my mid to late 20’s, back when I used to live by the sea, in the South West of France and back when I was a militant Animal Rights activist.

It was nice to be able to assist my husband in the making of this video.

Boy really enjoyed the whole adventure and now he – really, really – wants to free a spider crab.

So To Be Continued…

Lobster Liberation






    • It is an exciting place, buzzing with youth and creativity… It probably gets tiring if you live there, but it’s nice to experience it for a day every once in a while :)
      What is Dublin like? I went there for a couple of days a few years ago but I was busy setting up a media stunt in the city centre so didn’t get a chance to really explore the place sadly :( I remember having a pint of Guinness afterwards in a real Irish pub though :) my dream is to go to an Irish pub where they play proper Irish folk music… :) there isn’t such place around here.

      • Oooh, maybe I’ll go for a day next time I’m in London, then! As for Dublin, I have a hard time imagining myself living anywhere else. It’s actually just an overgrown village, rather than a city… if you live here for a while, then strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, chances are that you’ll find you have a friend or acquaintance in common! Next time you visit, take a trip to the Cobblestone pub in the north inner city, where local trad musicians can just show up and have a session together… much more genuine than the staged shows in the tourist traps of Temple Bar! And of course if you need a tour guide, the Beasties and I are at your service 😀

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