Getting Sam and Tim back home…

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As I told you last night, we have been spending quite some time in and around Brighton earlier on this week… well, this is why:

Boy named them Sam and Tim (the small one is Tim, the big one is Sam…).

Liberating animals – especially sea creatures – is something I used to do back in my mid to late 20’s, back when I used to live by the sea, in the South West of France and back when I was a militant Animal Rights activist.

It was nice to be able to assist my husband in the making of this video.

Boy really enjoyed the whole adventure and now he – really, really – wants to free a spider crab.

So To Be Continued…

Lobster Liberation





3 thoughts on “Getting Sam and Tim back home…

    1. It is an exciting place, buzzing with youth and creativity… It probably gets tiring if you live there, but it’s nice to experience it for a day every once in a while :)
      What is Dublin like? I went there for a couple of days a few years ago but I was busy setting up a media stunt in the city centre so didn’t get a chance to really explore the place sadly :( I remember having a pint of Guinness afterwards in a real Irish pub though :) my dream is to go to an Irish pub where they play proper Irish folk music… :) there isn’t such place around here.

      1. Oooh, maybe I’ll go for a day next time I’m in London, then! As for Dublin, I have a hard time imagining myself living anywhere else. It’s actually just an overgrown village, rather than a city… if you live here for a while, then strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, chances are that you’ll find you have a friend or acquaintance in common! Next time you visit, take a trip to the Cobblestone pub in the north inner city, where local trad musicians can just show up and have a session together… much more genuine than the staged shows in the tourist traps of Temple Bar! And of course if you need a tour guide, the Beasties and I are at your service 😀

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