I ♥ Brighton

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We just spent yesterday afternoon and today in and around Brighton and we had, as usual, such a great time…

I had a Delicious Vegan Pizza – called Thom Yorke! –  on the beach last night…


Here is a better view of the pizza:


I was in heaven, there were dogs everywhere! There was even a dog lying on the table near us, looking like a king surveying his kingdom.

… Brighton also has the best Vegan Burgers ever, dogs and friendly people everywhere… music, poetry and arts in the street, with seagulls hovering all over the place : it’s such a  joyful and stimulating place, for all the senses.

I think it’s my favourite city in England – just before Bristol!

We went there on a Secret Mission, I will tell you more about it tomorrow!

Before going to bed, I wanted to share my sketches of Brighton with you – I made them last night and today… It’s #WorldWatercolorMonth after all, so I will keep on bothering you with my sketches – it’s such a great way for me to make progress.

Thank you so much for your patience! :)

The Old Pier at sunset last night, with a bit of seaweed that Boy gave me to add onto it…

Volk’s Electric Railway

A view of the beach in Saltdean, a coastal village located on the chalk cliffs, on the way to Newhaven. The ferry coming straight back from Dieppe, in France graced me of its sight while I was painting – Yes, it does look a bit like a car driving on water here, but to be fair it does have a funny shape…

These three sketches summarise very well the last 24hours.

Have a good night/day!




14 thoughts on “I ♥ Brighton

      1. Do you know I actually haven’t listened to it (I blame having children. The only music I listen to these days is the Singing Kettle…). But I’ll definitely check it out. I am a huge fan of their earlier stuff up to In Rainbows (well Kid A was a bit hit and miss). I saw them years ago in Manchester and it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. They played loads from The Bends and OK Computer – I was in heaven!! :)

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