Episode 1…

Boy made this video with his dad and The Moonstruck Pup yesterday, while I was away on a yoga teacher training day…

For me anything that happens in a Galaxy Far, Far, Far Away makes me want to go back to bed, but this video made me laugh :)

Have a good night,




  1. George Lucas eat your heart out!!! This is even better than Star Wars (and I am a fan since childhood…) Nettle is a star too, what a cool dude…Charley started to flutter her eyes at the screen. Well done Thom!!! The Force IS with you! Cheers, Johanna

    • Thanks :) well Nettle is a cool Dudette, she is co starring in this episode as lead female part :) Her line will probably be history ;)
      I think they had a lot of fun making it :)

  2. Hahaha, that’s brilliant! Look out, Hollywood… and I’m impressed that Nettle remembered all her lines! Also, Thom’s “subscribe” skit at the end really made me chuckle. Nice work, everyone!

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