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At some point you will feel like you are at a crossroad in life and you don’t know which direction to take…


Some may need a compass and a map to make sure they stay on their course – which they may or may not have chosen for themselves.

Others will need signs and arrows clearly pointing at the “right” direction.

Some just need intuition or their guts to navigate through the maze of life.

Others like the process of getting lost and take some sort of pride in finding their own way back again, those think they don’t need a sat nav… ;)

Some are wolves and follow their own roads – travelling through the forests, deserts and mountains of their own mind. Carving new ways.

Some are sheep and just want to follow the herd.

Which one are you?





6 thoughts on “Crossroad

  1. Cool! I love how you made the two owls part of your painting! As for which root/route I’d choose… I think I’m the kind of person who asks for the map, looks at it, decides it’s not for me and then chooses their own magical-mystery-tour path instead. It’s never a short cut, but it’s way more fun!

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