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I have been using geometry as a form a of meditation lately…

Painting mandalas…

and knitting away this fair isle tam…

Nearly done! :)

I have read that drawing a mandala balances the brain, as both the right side and the left sides are required. I am sure that fair isle knitting balances the brain too!

Both activities are very meditative :)

Yours truly at the swimming pool :) – #WorldWatercolorMonth




9 thoughts on “Geometry

    1. Thank you :) I think it’s probably best to start small… Choose a chart that you like and make a swatch with it :) if you feel brave maybe start with a pair of mittens with fair isle in it, this way you get used to it while knitting a small, useful project. There are some stunning fair isle mittens out there… I love the work of Natalia Moreva :

      She has some gorgeous mittens there, and there is something for every level :)

      I hope this is useful… :)

  1. Your fair isle tam is looking great! I always find it tricky to keep my tension right when I’m doing colourwork, but yours is enviably even 😀 Your mandala is lovely too… it makes me think of stained glass!

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