Really Wild Guerrilla Knitting

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We spent the week at the Really Wild Home Ed gathering. Despite torrential rain, thunder storms, the car breaking down, mud, an inflatable mattress and my hectic knitting and family yoga workshops schedule… we survived. We came back all muddy, soaked, exhausted but alive.

We met some friends on Sunday and pitched our tent the night before it all started.

The first morning was very wet, we got soaked. While Boy was playing with his friends in the rain, I decided to spend most of the morning sat in the car – with my kitchen station handy for cups of tea – knitting little owls and preparing for my knitting workshops ahead…





We got to spend the week with our dog’s sister…


I offered two types of knitting workshops, beginners and advanced. The theme was Guerrilla Knitting, learning to knit making squares, strips or lines to be sewn together to make a larger piece, that we attached and left on a poll in the big tent in the middle of the camp.

Some of the kids found it hard to part with their knitting projects… and some were very keen and decided to make something on the spot, like this knitted bracelet…


I am very proud of our Guerrilla Knitting Project.

I got the Print Making workshop attendees to make us a tag…


The attendees were very keen and some of them caught the knitting bug – kids and mums alike fell down the knitting rabbit hole, taking yarn and needles back to their tent to knit their hearts away…

I incorporated every single piece I was given.











Most of the knitting was done on location this week, during the gathering. Except for a  few swatches which were knitted by my mum. I thought she might find it funny to know that she has some of her knitting from the late 70’s on a pole in a big tent in the middle of a field, somewhere in the South East of England.

The tent will stay up and more people will come to attend bushcraft and survival skills workshops and stay there all through the year. They will see our piece and hopefully that will make them smile…




11 thoughts on “Really Wild Guerrilla Knitting

      1. yes it was good fun, although a bit intense for kids, being altogether from am until bedtime> they even had organised night games in the woods!

  1. Oh, how fun! And well done for creating a whole army of new knitting addicts while you were there – it was great to see all the pieces on your finished totem pole! I bet you’re looking forward to next year already 😀

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