Happy Knit In Public Day!

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I will knit on a boat.
I will knit with a goat.
I will knit in the train.
I will knit in the rain.
I will knit with a fox.
I will knit in a box.
I will knit with a mouse.
I will knit in a house.
I will knit here or there.
I will knit everywhere.

…And today I did knit at the skatepark.

Today is World Wide Knit In Public Day. Calling for all knitters to go out and take over the world, one stitch at a time.

I didn’t go to any organised knitting group or event, but I celebrated quietly as I took Boy and one of his friends to the skate park, where I sat on a bench and happily knitted away at my fair isle tam while they were doing their thing.

The friend on his bike and Boy on his scooter. You can see him here doing his famous ballerina style scooting…

Scooty knits

Like a lot of knitters, I often knit in public, as I take my knitting with me pretty much everywhere :)

Did anyone reading these words knit in public today?





6 thoughts on “Happy Knit In Public Day!

  1. But of course! And your poem (it’s borrowed from “Green Eggs and Ham”, right, and tailored to fit?) applies to me as well!! I also sew in public, and the other day I was needle felting on the tram into town. I spent Knit in Public day at my local yarn store, and they got a great turnout… I think I might write about it in my post tomorrow 😀 Your tam is coming along great too!

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