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Below are a few sketches of the sleeveless, box style hooded cardigan I’ve been knitting intermittently for the last few months…


None of these sketches show the real colour of the project, as it actually looks like this:


So far I have knitted the back and the front left side… but it’s getting there. As I said in a previous post, I’m currently in the middle of knitting a fair isle tam as a commission. I knit the box cardigan as my relaxing knitting project, as I can just knit away, and away… and away… and get back down to earth, to the more focused fair isle project.

We have been enjoying some very nice walks these last few days, and I have been taking one of my sketchbooks with me, for quick doodles and sketches…


I made that sketch while in the woods, while watching Boy climbing a tree…

And below is a sketch of Boy…. He looks a bit like a psycho here – he doesn’t actually have a mushroom head – But it was just in the spur of the moment…


He was showing off his star badge that he is very proud of…

The three last sketches were actually done quickly, in between things… while waiting for Boy, mostly…


9 thoughts on “Doodles

  1. You’re so good at keeping up with your sketchbook… I really enjoy seeing your drawings! I always have good intentions of doing more sketching, but I’ve never mastered the art of doing it quickly!

  2. I’m impressed by your commitment to sketching/drawing and painting. I keep promising myself to add sketching to my day, perhaps someday.

    1. Well, I probably should take longer on my drawings as they tend to be done quickly in between things :) or instead of things sometimes as I’m very good at procrastinating and leaving things until the last minute…

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